VOIP Configuration And Required Equipment
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I have recently found a free VOIP download call ADCALLS. I want to experiement making telephone calls over the internet. My question is do I need to purchase a computer headset or can I use my computer speakers and just purchase a microphone? I am leary that combining my speakers with a microphone may create a voice loop. However, it will be more convenient to use the speakers/microphone configuration for freedom of movement.
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Engadget recently wrote a bit about ADCALLS here.

About your question, though: get a headset. They're dirt cheap, very handy, and sound much better than a mic & speakers setup. However, just for playing around, there's not much wrong with mic & speakers. There'll be some echoing, but nothing that bad.
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Regarding the write up in Engadget: Please be careful with AdCalls. That bit about how they will take the phone number and e-mail address for solicitation could be annoying for the people you're calling.
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For the love of god, don't use AdCalls, at least not if you value your friendships.
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