Long-term Storage in Brooklyn, NY
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As I said in my last post, I'm packing up and hitting the road to travel the world for a year. I have a one bedroom apartment full of stuff in Brooklyn Heights, NY that I need to store. I'm going to try to pare down as much as possible, but I have nice furniture that I paid a good amount of money for and like, as well as art and books, much of which I want to keep. Having done some quick searching online, it definitely appears to make sense to store much of my furniture from my cost/benefit point of view, versus buying all new furniture at similar prices to what I previously spent when I get back. I'm looking for climate controlled storage for a large one bedroom worth of stuff, anywhere in the NYC area.

Obviously, the farther from Brooklyn Heights, the more it will cost me to move it into storage, so there's a balance to storing near versus far. I'd like something safe, climate controlled, and a reasonable distance from Brooklyn Heights. I'm willing to prepay for the year if that saves money, and I don't plan to need access to any of the stuff during the year but it would be nice to have the option. Any advice? Recommendations? Things I'm not thinking of? Ways to find the best storage spot other than googling and reading (limited) reviews and looking at website? Thanks in advance!
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I used to work for UHaul and they have storage facilities everywhere; if you rent a truck or van one-way to move your stuff in you get the first month free.
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For stuff close/convenient to Brooklyn Heights, you might want to check the many storage facilities along Park and Flushing Avenues in Clinton Hill. I'm sure somebody in that neck of the woods has climate control and gets decent Yelp reviews.

Honestly, you could probably just go to Yelp, type in "storage" and your zip, and see what comes up that looks respectable. There are a few big companies that do this.
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For a personal recommendation, I had a small storage space for about a year at American Self Storage in Clinton Hill. It was climate controlled, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful, and I set up recurring billing on a debit card so I never had to think twice about it. No complaints!
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Make sure that you have some kind of insurance on the storage. Preferably as renters insurance with a company you trust, rather than some 3rd party through the storage company.
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