Wines that kill
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Due to a strange twist of fate, I find myself in possession of a bottle of Henkell Trocken dry sparkling wine which has been stored in a fridge for two years. Is it okay to drink?
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Of course.

If it is a dry sparkling wine it probably won't age well for that long, but there certainly are exceptions. I don't know this one. It may be best to find an occasion to open it and enjoy.
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I don't imagine anything bad could have happened to it as long as it stayed cool the whole time. I'd be careful opening it though.
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It'll probably be off flavorwise but is unlikely to be fatal to consume.
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What are you guys talking about? Sparkling wine is meant to be drunk soon after purchase, but two years is nothing. It should taste fine, although not as fine as a year ago, and there should be no other issues. Fatal? Hardly. If you don't want it, email me and I take it.
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It will be fine. I have kept sparkling wine both in and out of the fridge for longer periods of time than this and there were no problems. I would suggest some brown bread slices topped with smoked salmon and capers with strawberries to follow.
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Don't chance it.

Send it to me. I will risk a swig and then let you know if it is okay.
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Answer the question yourself - take a swig!

It's been in the frige, so nothing *bad* is going to happen if you drink it. The only argument is that it may not be as good as it "ought" to be.

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I'll be happy to taste single-malt scotches to see if they're safe to drink. The rarer, older and more expensive it is the less y'all should chance drinking it yourself.
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ArrogantFilter: Apparently this fizz tastes of "butterscotch, Fuji apples and fluffy marshmallow spread.". Therefore if you consider it OK to drink this hyperglycemic carbonated swill rather than a nice 96 Cristal, then go right ahead.

In all seriousness, it should be fine. Providing the cork wasn't dagamed, fizz rarely plummets in taste. until the 5-7 year mark - some are good for 20.
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I used to keep my best wines in the fridge for years, having no wine cellar. (This was back when I could afford wines that benefited from cellaring.) They were all fine when I drank them. Wines need to be away from heat and light. The fridge is a good place for that.
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We opened it up last night, and things went fine. Only one of us went to hospital, and she should be out by early next week.

Just kidding. It was fine. A little more sour than I was expecting, but perfectly consumable. Thanks for the answers.

Now, on to the six-year bottle...
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