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Help me get through long classes without Internet access - I want to click one button while I'm online and download all my newspapers, blogs, etc. into a flat file that I can view offline. Bloglines often doesn't give me the full article.
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I've been playing with a new Firefox extension called Scrapbook - it allows you to save and organize web pages very quickly. But I think you'd have to open each page to do so. I plan to use it to save things to read for long flights.
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Response by poster: As someone who has spent nineteen years in school, I would say that good teachers are unthreatened by technology and trust their students to do what helps them learn best and which isn't disruptive to other students.
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Response by poster: I am now playing with the Scrapbook extension, but I wonder if there is a way to automatically mine a website - for example, to grab the Askme front page and then all the threads within it.
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Best answer: If you're using Windows, I'm pretty sure this is what HTTrack does.
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Oh look, HTTrack is actually for Unix too, including OS X.
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In Scrapbook, it looks like you can highlight a section of text that includes links and right click, select "capture as" and click on "save all pages sequentially". It saves more pages than I'd like, but it's worth experimenting with. I like programs that work within Firefox.
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Can't curl or wget be made to grab stuff recursively? A bit of coaxing with shell or perl might be necessary, but should be quite doable. Take the HTML that results, and use any of the HTML tag stripping utilities ou there.

Stick the script in cron. Profit.
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Maybe Newsgator ?
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I would consider the Slogger extension to be preferable to Scrapbook for this purpose. Autologging, good indexing of pages, highly configurable.
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>Can't curl or wget be made to grab stuff recursively?

wget definitely can, with no coaxing at all. I think it's as simple as putting -r as an option.
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