Having Two Facebook Accounts on my Phone?
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I have two Facebook accounts. I'd like to be able to use them both on my phone.

One is sort-of professional (it's not a business account, but is tied to my work in the arts community, and I also interact with family there) and the other is just for friends. I'd like to be able to check both on my phone. I can have them both open on my laptop by logging in to one in IE and the other in Firefox. Is there a way to do that on my phone - say, with two different FB apps - or if I try to do that, will it alert FB that my real-name account is not my only account (which I understand they frown on)?

I have an iPhone 4S if that is relevant.
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You can use the mobile site (m.facebook.com in a web browser) for one account and the native app for the other.
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I have done this - I used the FB app for my personal account and TweetDeck for my professional one. Worked like a charm.
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Yep, one in the app and one in Safari.
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Alternatively, skip the app altogether and download a different browser. I can be logged in to two different accounts; one in Safari and one in Chrome and/or Opera.

Be very aware, however, that any link from FB you click from an email will launch Safari (I assume jailbroken iPhones can get around this), and may switch you from the account you were logged into to the account the email is generated for. I have had this happen back when I didn't realise I shouldn't maintain two accounts, leading to all manner of whackyness.

For best results, download Opera and Chrome, pick one browser for each account, and never use Safari or the native app.
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I have a personal FB page and I'm the administrator of another, non-personal page. Dowloading Facebook's Pages Manager app lets me deal with both pages from my phone.
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You're probably wanting both accounts active at the same time on your phone, so this probably isn't what you want, but it's pretty easy to run two accounts on an iPhone (at least with the latest iOS).

You can log in automatically with the account you have set up in settings of course. If you've ever clicked 'not me' however, and signed on with another account, that account is in memory. So if you just sign out with your main account, click 'not me', it will already have the sign on name to your second account set up. You then just enter your password and you're on. So it's pretty easy to deal with two accounts on an iphone.
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