As-Salatu Khayrun-minan Nawm.
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I'm in Dubai for the next 24 hours. Where's a publicly accessible and safe spot where I can record the morning call to prayer (fajr) from lots and lots of different mosques at once?

I'm staying near the airport, and I'm surrounded by highways and the local hotels won't give me rooftop access that early in the morning (5am). Are there any spots in quiet-ish areas - hills, overlooks, parking structures - that are in rough proximity to 4+ mosques to record a beautiful panoramic rendition of the morning call to prayer? I'm willing to take a taxi.
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Can you ask the concierge, or even a taxi driver, where you can record? I have extended family there, but it would take me too long to get an answer for you- sorry. If you're planning to be back to Dubai, I will ask for you.
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Response by poster: I doubt anyone else will ever actually need an answer to this question, but I recorded two sessions while in Dubai.

This one in Al-Sabkha during the adhan al-maghrib (evening).

This one in Hor Al Anz during the adhan al-fajr (early morning).
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