Best paid email provider w/POP and IMAP that isn't Gmail?
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Does anyone have any recommendations on a good but cheapish (under $50/year) email provider?

So right now I am using Yahoo Mail Plus, and although they haven't completely annoyed me, I feel like there are better options out there. I don't like the Gmail threaded conversation format so Gmail and anything with that same format is out. I am considering buying a domain so any of those options would be great too.

Other requirements:

-Live chat customer support. It doesn't need to be 24/7 or anything, just normal hours, and decent service.

-Automatic filters. I have a bunch of filters set up so that emails from certain people or with certain subjects get put automatically into certain folders.

-Lots of storage space. I have around 5GB of email in my Yahoo account that I would want to move to my new account, so 10GB of space should be big enough.

-No ads.

I looked at some older posts, but I thought there would be new recommendations/ideas.

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Best answer: I've heard good things about Rackspace's email service -- a company I consulted for used it as their primary email host, and they raved about the company.
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Get Gmail, and turn off the threaded conversation format (it's a basic built-in setting that just defaults to on).
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Best answer: I'm w. fastmail.

Fastmail enhanced account will give you filters, 10gb space, and no ads, for $40/year, but not live support. My own experience w. fastmail support (when I've had to use it, which is not very often) has been okay, not great. There is a very good community of users, so in the very rare instances when I've had problems, I've gotten answers faster in the user forums than from fastmail support.

Service in general has been very good and reliable.
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(And if I were starting all over again, I'm not sure I wouldn't just use gmail. I originally signed up for fastmail because back then gmail did not offer imap...)
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Why does the gmail threading format matter if you're using IMAP?
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Response by poster: I use it as webmail on my main machine, but I want the POP/IMAP options for my mobile devices.
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If its just the threading issue with gmail, like brainmouse says its just a setting. Settings -> "Conversation View Off".
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I've been using Fastmail since 2004. I love them for their level of communication. They have user forums, a news blog, and a status blog. Their servers are hosted at NYI, which also has its own status blog (and more impressively, stayed on during Hurricane Sandy).

I'm not sure if they have live customer support, but having all these blogs in my RSS feeder has certainly been very helpful.

Conversations can be turned off under Account --> Settings.
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Doesn't Pair have a plan? They're fantastic.
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+1 for FastMail.
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I have my complaints about the new Fastmail webmail interface: unread and flag buttons are small and in weird spots, especially when in a message, reply all is buried in a menu, they pre-pend -- to your signature, setting are now a confusing mess, and it is easy to make mistakes in the threaded messages such as deleting all or moving all instead of just one message. The old interface is still available with a checkbox at the login screen.

All that said it is still the best choice out there and I'll add another vote for them.
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