How to avoid a post-workout sugar-candy-brain-rush
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What can I do with excessive amounts of candy, besides cramming it into my craw?

Today after visiting the gym, I stopped by the gas station to deposit a couple of checks. I thought I might buy a small snack to tide me over until I got home and had dinner (a short walk away).

Instead of doing this, I was drawn to a large display filled with bags of sweets on sale. I walked out of that gas station with 2.5 pounds of red licorice and gummy bears. I now regret this. Is there anything I can do with this massive amount of sweets besides just eating it or throwing it out?

Recipes? Crafts?

(By the way, I am working on some solutions to this post-workout attack of hunger and mindlessness, possibly involving homemade energy bars. Bags of candy and huge containers of Thai food are not serving me well at this time.)
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You could infuse vodka. Or make a gingerbread house.
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eponysterical! protip: the absolute best post-workout solution is chocolate milk. perfect blend of protein and sugar, it assists in muscle recovery and also keeps you from bonking a half-hour after you work out. give it a shot sometime. as for the candy, find the nearest child & tell them to split it up with their friends, done deal.
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The candy has a long shelf life. The recipes you would make with it may not. That would lead to more consumption (or throwing out) in the short term, not less.

Take it to school or work or the movies to share, or freeze it.
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Drunken gummies. As long as you're not using a sweet liqueur or something, they wind up tasting pretty strongly alcoholic--still tasty, but not something you're likely to want to eat more than a few of at a time.
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Just put it in the trash. And next time you're tempted to buy 2.5 pounds of candy, tell yourself, "dude, remember that time you threw away all that candy?"
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Got a jar?
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Homeless guy. Food bank.
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Can you return it at the store for a refund?
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Share or compost. (Is it compostable?)
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Take it to a local youth worker. I mean, technically we don't give out food but most of us have a stash and as long as it's in a packet it should be okay (obviously works better if the youth worker is a friend!) - teachers are probably similar.
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Bring it into work. Your co-workers will love it (and hate it... but love it). The goal is to avoid eating it!

I find eating oatmeal relatively soon before I workout gives me a lot of energy and I am not starving afterward, the way I can be if I don't. Then I have something with a lot of protein ready for me when I get home. For me that's something with beans or nuts, but if you eat meat or fish, that works.
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Give it to a neighborhood kid!

As for what to cram in your mouth after a workout, I've been finding out that a protein shake (I use Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey) mixed with either milk or almond milk (depends on if I remember to mix it at home or on the go) works wonders. Get the chocolate flavor and it's like chocolate milk but with like 25g of protein!
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I suggest eating the candy before your next workouts.
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You could find a granola bar recipe and experiment with adaptations. I'd imagine the gummy bears would have a glue like property as well as reducing the amount of sugar the recipe called for. Maybe look for a recipe that calls for dates and substitute the bears? And maybe twizzler bits could be substitutes for raisins?
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... I would be absolutely sure to include some nuts in above recipe.
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I ended up throwing it all in the trash (I'd already opened both packages and eaten some). Lesson freakin' learned!

Thanks for the ideas as well as the tips on post-workout food/drink. I need a new username... hehe.
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