How should I prepare this amazing coffee?
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Hi there, On a recent trip to Oslo I bought a bag of these espresso coffee beans from a fantastic coffee shop. This is probably a stupid question, but is it possible to make non-espresso strength coffee with these? If so, how should I do it? Obviously I need to grind the beans first, and, if it helps, I have a cafetiere and aeropress. Thanks!
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"Espresso beans" are basically just a dark roast, so you can do with them what you want. Grind them as usual for your Aeropress and I'm sure the result will be great.
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Espresso beans are just carefully selected/roasted beans to encourage things like crema and good flavour extraction when ground finely and put through high pressure espresso machines. Most espresso beans will make fine "regular" coffee.
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Like johnny stated espresso beans are just regular beans roasted dark. heck my local coffee shop that roasts their own beans doesn't even roast their espresso to normal darkness. they feel its too easy to burn them . What really makes espresso is how its prepaired.

So if you make it like regular coffee it will just taste like a dark roast coffee.
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I make my daily coffee in a Bodum with coarse-ground espresso beans. It's delicious.
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I work for a coffee roaster, but doing IT. Still, I know a moderate amount about coffee. We also only do espresso roasts.

The main coffee guy always recommends French press, above all else. I've tried that, home espresso machines(both pump and boiler driven), and drip.

It'll make decent drip, but amazing French press. Make sure you get the coffee/water ratio right for your French press.

Also worth noting, I got my really nice good looking copper and glass French press for like $3.99 at good will, and my previous one the same way for about the same price. You don't have to spend $30 or $40.
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If by cafetiere you mean one of these things, I think that would be a great way to brew coffee with those beans.
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My daily coffee is Bustelo, which is an espresso roast. I currently use something like a Melita pour over single cup filter, and it makes an amazing cup of coffee. I used to make it in a Moka pot, like Cuban coffee, which was awesome too.
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I find that both the Aeropress and moka pot work great with very dark roasts. Just mix the resulting "espresso" with about an equal amount hot water to make it an americano. Or use the convenient inverted Aeropress method.
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Wendelboe roasts in a fairly balanced style, that borders a bit lighter than most coffees labeled 'espresso.' I've not had this coffee, but other coffees from this roastery, and they're pretty bright when pulled as espresso. You'll be just fine brewing them up in just about any style however.

All of the roaster I've worked with and talk to professionally, really dislike the "Espresso" label on coffee, because espresso is a brewing method, not a roast. And I've seen "espresso roasts" that range from dead medium to dark. It really varies.
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Don't wait. As you ponder your question, your beans lose flavour.
Espresso roast in Europe is much lighter than it is here in North America. Yes you can make good coffee with it. Our morning coffees is an Americano brewed via an espresso machine using a 50-50 mix of espresso and French roast.

Use your Aeropress. The only downside we found with our Aeropress is that it makes an extremely smooth cup of coffee. (We like to be bitten a bit by our coffee.)

DO NOT FOLLOW THE AEROPRESS INSTRUCTIONS that come with it. Instead look here.

The Bialetti in the picture that someone posted as a response, is a stove-top espresso maker.
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