"Nice-looking elastic-waist women's dress pants" - oxymoron?
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I am looking for black, elastic-waist, inexpensive, "business casual" women's dress pants, available in the US and preferably online.

I am looking for black, elastic-waist, inexpensive, "business casual" women's dress pants, available in the US and preferably online. Size 14/16 (with large waist) so both straight and plus size suggestions welcome. I like these and these, but would prefer some in the $50 or less (ideally around $25-$30, if that's even possible). Thanks for your help!
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This thread might have some ideas for where to hunt for sales, at least.
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Best answer: Lands End regularly $40, some colors on sale for $20.

Macy's - these are $60, but there are always coupons for Macy's to be had that should bring them way down.

Kohls - all kinds of options, and again coupons abound.

Now, the $16 pants from Kohls aren't going to look, feel, or wear like the ones you linked, but if you want to spend $20, there you go.
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Maybe these from Land's End? On sale for $29.99 and only in plus sizes, but the size chart indicates that a 0x corresponds to a 14W.
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Best answer: A quick check on ebay reveals that those pants are available in various sizes well within your price range.
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Dressbarn sells these in a range of colors/sizes for $29, they have frequent sales and offer 20% coupons pretty much continuously. I've got a couple of pairs, they are holding up nicely. No pockets, if that drives you batty.
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I don't think it is possible in that range. LL Bean has the Perfect Fit Pants, and I think they are nice, but not necessarily business casual. The Indispensable Knit Pants are more expensive, but are close to what you are looking for. They are part of a mix-and-match collection designed for business travel.

Look for sales on those, I guess?

Land's End also has a few versions, ponte and the Starfish Collection. I can tell you my LL Bean pants (an earlier version of the above), for the money, lasted well over 10 years of near-continuous use. Like, I wore them to school almost every day. I retired them when they got a hole in the leg-- from a car door.
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Sign up for the J.Jill emails and they regularly send you discount codes. Check their sale page frequently - I've gotten some spectacular deals by being vigilant.
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This isn't really to answer your question but just a consideration: I always worry that pants that lack a fly look too much like leggings or yoga pants.

That said, I like the Lands' End Starfish pants. I have the original ones and a slim leg one, which is more for younger people IMO - it has a lower rise and obviously a slimmer leg but not leggings slim. I think it goes nicely with a pair of ankle boots I have and I think they thread the needle between leggings and yoga pants. I tend to wear low rise pants and I think the regular Starfish pants are too high rise but that's probably just me.

Also, did you look around the sale section of J. Jill? There are a few options there you might like.
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Not an oxymoron! i have some really nice ones, but they are neither cheap nor available anymore. but they exist!
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i am super embarassed to even admit this, but i was trolling around on onestopplus.com yesterday and they had a bunch of stuff that fits your description. now, who's to say how awesome the fabric is in person, but you can always do free returns. just make sure you get flat waisted ones, not pleated, because that is what takes you into grandma territory real fast. (also, they do have non-plus sizes, and you should easily be able to find a 14/16, which is probably a 1x)
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I've seen Lee brand pull-on, elastic waist woven pants selling both in stores (Kohls) and on their online store. They came in black and khaki. They looked like khaki trousers--but without the zip fly and button!
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You may want to take a look at Travelsmith, though price there is higher than you want, at $74.
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Justmysize.com has the pants you are looking for in your size, petite, tall and extended sizing for $27.99/pr.
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Best answer: I am excited for this question, because I have discovered the wonder of Reitman's elastic waist pants. They're cheap, they are flattering and they hold up pretty well over time. It's a Canadian retailer, but they do ship to the US. Practically all of their pants have an elastic waist.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Lots of very helpful answers.
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