Who will deliver an ice cream cake to a Seattle residence this weekend?
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My two-year-old is insistent that we should give his aunt (my sister) an ice cream cake for her birthday on Sunday. Does one of Seattle's many specialty ice cream shops deliver to the Atlantic/Pratt Park area near downtown? I almost found success with Gelatiamo, but they only deliver to businesses. Her birthday is Sunday, but delivery tomorrow or Saturday would be fine, too, of course.
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Does your sister work, can you deliver it to her at her job. This assumes she can then put it in a freezer there and that she doesn't have a bad commute.
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This is something a courier can easily do for you. This is literally the point of couriers.
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One Hour Parties is fun for stuff like this.
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Ugh, never mind my response, I'm an idiot. I mis-read and didn't see you were looking for an ice cream *cake*. Too early is my excuse.
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TaskRabbit is full of folks who will pick up and deliver an ice cream cake. They'd even purchase a cooler or icepack if needed.
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I was going to suggest the same as barnone
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Taskrabbit is the only real solution here. None of the little local shops or the chains deliver.

Also, most of them don't do cakes. In fact, I can't think of a little local shop(Molly moons, bluebird, full tilt, etc) that does. If you want a cake you might have to go to cold stone or Haagen daas, just something to keep in mind.
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There's an app called Get It Now by PostNets that is a delivery service recently started in Seattle. Check it out, if you're interested send me a private message, I think that if I send a friend an invite we both get a free delivery.
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And I think that Cupcake Royale might make ice cream cakes. I know they make cupcakes and ice cream. Check that out?
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Pagliacci Pizza has gelato on their menu. They deliver.

And then I saw you want an ice cream cake
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Cupcake Royale does make cupcakes and ice cream, but not ice cream cake.

In fact, the only places that I can think of or find myself in the Seattle area that do ice cream cake are Gelatiamo, Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone Creamery. I think Taskrabbit or GetItNow can take care of the pickup and delivery part for you.
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These gelato guys in Ballard do a semi freddo ice cream cake.
Have not tried it so cannot vouch for its awesomeness. They need 48hrs notice.
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