Long leg undies to wear under yoga pants?
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I cannot bear to go commando in yoga pants, but my normal bikini briefs cause pretty bad panty lines. I think what I want is something like Spanx, but with the following qualities: 1) absolutely no "control" whatsoever, 2) cotton crotch, 3) legs don't ride up and preferably have the little gripper strips like some skorts, and 4) come in XS. I don't want boy shorts--those are too short and tend to ride up on me. I want something more like men's long boxers, but in a super thin fabric. Any recommendations?
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I don't have a specific recommendation for these, but would something like a cotton cycling short work?
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I just wear underwear.
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Jockey has slipshorts that seem to fit your criteria.
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Have you considered cotton thongs? That's what I wear under my yoga pants. Best of all worlds. Amazon has some relatively inexpensive ones, and I also recently found decent ones for 99 cents at Burlington Coat Factory, of all places.
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I wear thong underwear for yoga for exactly the reason you mention - no panty lines.
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Jockey also has some panties called "No Panty Line Promise" that are really comfortable. I would recommend trying them, especially if you're doing hot yoga where the extra shorts material would not be preferable.
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Have you tried boyshorts?
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Oh whoops, I missed your line about boyshorts - sorry!
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I also wear thong underwear under yoga pants. Hanky panky is my brand of choice.
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Have you tried these from Victoria's Secret? They are seamless, so they don't create any panty lines at all. (they are my most favourite most comfy undies!)
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Have you considered buying boxer briefs from the boys' department? (I assume you're an XS in women's, which is likely not far off of a L or XL in boys'.) You can find some that are quite nice--very thin material, not covered in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc. Something like this, maybe? That's expensive-ish and part spandex, but many cotton/lycra pairs are nice. Don't get full cotton; they ride up like anything.
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I wear thongs too, usually Hanky Panky(they stay put!) but any thong is usually fine.
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Anything with lace trim on the legs hides fairly well under yoga pants I've found. My favorite "workout undies" are actually from Victoria secret- low rise lace leg boy shorts (from the tag). They really aren't that low rise though (they don't almost show my butt crack) and they are typical boy shorts, they come past my butt cheeks a little bit. I've taken dance classes where we're doing kicks and jumps and rolling around on the floor and these are what I wear under!
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Oh, they are from the pink line and are definitely cotton.
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Cheap-ass nylon/poly exhilaration thongs from target. Not cotton but they wick crotch sweat much better.
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I wear either a thong or my super thin cotton panties from VS. I'm not generally a thong person but it does work in yoga, since everything rides up there anyway during certain positions. At least with a thong, it's already there, and it's less of a wedgie than a panty wedgie.
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Women's boxers

The most comfortable thong on earth

Modal hipsters (might get a bit of a line, but not much)
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Mostly I just tell people they might as well kiss my ass if they're looking at it that much--clearly I am not dressing to impress if I'm wearing yoga pants--but if you really feel that you must avoid lines, wear a long tunic or a wrap skirt. Any kind of underwear will show through the typical legging style yoga pants, and going without is just...ew. For reference, I've tried lace all over (Hanky Panky), lace in the back (Aerie), cotton thong (Hanes?), and a fancy thong (Hanky Panky)... it all shows.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for these many helpful suggestions. I've got a few of them on order and hopefully something will work.
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