Which LL Bean Men's Pants Are Like Dockers D3?
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I've been happily wearing Dockers D3 (classic-style) chinos for years. Unfortunately, I'm having increasing difficulty finding them in my size, 30W29L. LL Bean offers reasonably-priced ones in my size, which is great. My question is which of their fits is similar to D3--what they call Classic or Natural? Thanks in advance.
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Before searching other brands, have you tried sizing down?
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That's my size for the Dockers brand.
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(Former Bean employee here)

Bean's has some GREAT product specialists who can help you with this. Call the regular customer service number and ask to be put through to a Product Support Services specialist for men's apparel.

Have a pair of pants that fit you well right next to you, as well as a cloth tape measure. They can compare your pants to the specs of the pants (as well as draw on their own knowledge of fit) to guide you to the ones that will be closest to the ones you have.

(I think that the apparel PSS number is 800-226-7552, but I may be misremembering that.)
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LLBean shipping to you is free. The guarantee is rock solid. Your risk is the return shipping cost and hassle. Call LLBean, chat with the order taker, who is likely to be knowledgeable, and just order a pair or 3. You can wear them for a while to see how they break in and wear and still return them. Mainer who worked at LLBean Christmas 1995; shops at LLB (outlet) pretty often.
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If LL Bean doesn't work out, try Target. The Merona Ultimate Khaki fits similar to a Dockers D3 (I wear Dockers D3 31W30L, hemmed a few inches shorter or Merona 32W30L, unhemmed).
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Thanks for the info. Do you know if the Classic is supposed to sit at about the top of the hip bone?
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Both Classic and Natural fit are supposed to sit above the hips, the difference is that Natural is less closely tailored particularly in the thighs. I wouldn't call Classic a slim or skinny fit per se, though. LLB's "Standard Fit" is what other brands call "Relaxed Fit", and sit lower. The distinction between Classic and Natural is one that I'm not sure a lot of other brands have explicitly.

I'm a big fan of LLB, but it's been my experience that their sizing has started to be ... less consistent than it traditionally has been, just in the last few years or so. (Their shirts have gotten big, unless you get a "Trim" fit; the latter is ironically closer to their old sizing than the "Classic" fit.) So I would beware of comparing to any "Classic Fit" pants that predate the current Classic/Natural/Standard/Relaxed fit categories.

My advice is that you should probably order one of each pair and then send back the one that doesn't fit. Then you'll know for the future.

They remain quite good about consistent sizing across styles / lines, even if they do seem to be experiencing some 'size creep.' So once you figure out what you wear, you're pretty safe ordering other pants in that same size, even if it's a slightly different style, sight unseen.
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Thanks very much, everyone, for your help here.
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