iPad apps with Pinterest-like "grid of things" interface
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I'd like to find some examples of apps which use a "card" interface, with each card being a piece of information. Purpose: design inspiration.

I want to find some iPad apps which have an interface like Pinterest where pieces of information are arranged like cards on a table. I'm not especially looking for designs where the cards are different lengths (like Pinterest), a regular grid arrangement would be fine too. But I do need it to be a grid of some kind.

In particular, I'd like to find designs that are fairly text-heavy and use different shades and colors as a way to highlight parts of the information.

The best examples I've found so far have been in iPad file chooser interfaces (like the file chooser in Pages), but the design is very boring there.
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Best answer: Trello
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Feedly the RSS reader on the standard Chrome browser has a style of presenting information as cards or as a mosaic. Not sure if the tablet version also follows that layout.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Trello seemed to be most in line with what I wanted. It seems that most of these kind of apps are very image based (a large image as the main content of the card). If anyone else has more, especially largely text-based, please post.
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