Best uses for celebrity voicemail prompts?
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Sometimes a celebrity or another well-known voice will offer to record a voice-mail greeting message as a prize or reward (e.g. "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" or the Veronica Mars Kickstarter). How have people used this kind of prize to best effect?

I'm curious: what prompts have people written that are more imaginative, funnier, more charming, or even just more useful than the ordinary "Hi, I'm [celebrity]. Please leave a message for [non-celebrity]."? I'm especially curious to hear ideas with some form of wit or charm beyond the usual pranky answering-machine jokes.
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Wait Wait Don't Tell Me has some examples
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Stephen Fry, (who among other things is the voice of the voco clock, which speaks as if you are being gently, dutifully awakened by your jeeves-esque butler) was once asked by a fan to record one as if your phone is being answered by your butler. I like that idea.
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