Best way to sell tennis tickets close to event date?
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I have 4 courtside tickets to the finals (Sunday) at BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California, near Palm Springs. The tickets have not sold on Stubhub or its competitors despite competitive pricing. What are my options to sell, as we get closer to the event date? I will be on location. I've listed on Palm Springs Craigslist, but how else can I make sure I sell them at a fair price without a big hassle?

I will keep the Stubhub listing. But, I have the tickets in hand, so I think the listing will expire in a day or so.

I recently listed on Craigslist, so I'm hoping I get someone to bite. But I haven't been able to sell for some time, and I'm a little anxious to make sure I can sell these for a fair price. I'd sell for around or a bit below face value (they're very good courtside tickets), but not for, say, a third of what I paid.

I'd rather not stand around a street corner or where people congregate, asking them if they want tickets to the finals. What would be a good way to sell without spending undue effort and time?

Thanks very much!
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If you can't go, and you can't sell them at or near face value, it seems like the market isn't there for the price you want.
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I'd try L.A. Craigslist too, as I have to imagine a large portion of the attendees will be driving out from L.A.
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Stubhub buyers will generally only buy close to the date (especially since they won't know who's playing for a few more days.) If you can, do the instant download option. Any way you can convert them to digital- maybe if you contact the original owner and tell them that the tickets were damaged and you need a PDF copy?

Otherwise you can wait and do craigslist.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the answers. It turns out local (Palm Springs) craigslist generated the most leads. I guess what some call the "US Open of the West" isn't quite as popular as I had thought.
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