Google Maps alternative (using standard KML import) that's ad-free?
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I need a non-Google Maps alternative, due to limitations in how Google displays My Maps. is very flexible, but it has two issues: its display doesn't seem to work for mobile users, and it displays small ads (and has suspended its former policy of letting a map creator pay to remove ads). Other options?

This is a map I don't need (or want) viewers to be able to modify. There are about 210 markers now and it will grow on the order of 5 markers a month.

I made it using Google My Maps, so it's available as standard KML export. To display it on the web, I want a non-Google service that has more flexibility than My Maps (such as the ability for a viewer to choose to see only one of its six categories at a time, using a dropdown or similar), fewer limitations, and ideally a super-minimal interface with no top bar / wasted space.

Here is the mapchannels display of it (to show the data and the beautifully minimal interface they offer on the desktop at least [as opposed to the brokenness if you view it on a phone] - this is a self-link): map. The mapchannels ad is small, but I'm looking for entirely ad-free.
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Have you checked the has handy-dandy step-by-step how to switch.
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MapBox has a bunch of plans and tools, and they contribute a lot of work back to the community (eg, leaflet.js).
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Response by poster: I'm really looking for a service that will import KML, because I have way more data than I'd want to recreate from scratch at least for the moment.

Mapchannel is an example of such a service; OSM isn't (they suggest you "trace" all markers - i.e. recreate manually) and mapbox says KML works very poorly. (I'm really happy OSM exists, but it's not my solution currently.)
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For full control over layout you can use Google Maps API instead of My Maps, and then create your own dropdown. It requires some JavaScript programming though.
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So I just use OpenLayers to drop a KML file over a user-selectable set of tiles from either Google or OpenStreetMap.

Here's an example. Feel free to "view source" and copy-and-paste. If you've got a high volume site, you'll need to look at licensing, and note that I'm caching the OSM tiles on my server so I don't choke theirs (should there ever be three or four people looking at pages on that site...).
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Response by poster: FYI, Mapchannels will still let you donate in order to remove ads if you just email directly.
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