Please help me identify this song
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I really love a song included in Richard Ullrey's C25k week1 podcast but I can't identify it. I'd really like to buy this song as well as explore other music by the artist if i could only figure out who she is. Can you help?

Things i have tried:

1. Shazam app for recognizing the tune when played (worked on other songs from his podcasts)

2. Googling some of the lyrics:
waking up in the afternoon smiling in my bed
wondering if i'm in my own ?? or my ??
fighting fighting the thoughts running running in my head
waking up in the afternoon smiling in my bed

so please make up your mind
i don't have much time

do you want me to stay
or should i leave you alone now
do you want me to leave
or do you want me to (fight love?)

i don't feel any shame
for me it's always the same
do you want me to leave
do you want me to stay
do you want me to leave

3. emailing Robert Ullrey (no reply)

4. Asking on several fitness forums/c25k groups

You are my only hope hivemind! I've uploaded the podcast for you here:

Song starts at 13:45.
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oh my god Hartster, how did you do that so fast? I must know the secrets to your research success! I have been trying to uncover this artist for more than THREE YEARS and you get the answer for me in about 10 minutes? I fall and worship at your feet my friend.
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At the end of every podcast doesn't he mention that you can go to or whatever to see what the playlist is?
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His website is long gone, and even the wayback machine taunted me- it brings up his post he wrote on the now-defunct site about the week 1 podcast and he shows the song listings as "---" whereas for every other week he had the full listing.

that is why i stand in awe of Hartster.
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