Interesting or innovative mobile app or game advertising/monetization?
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Curious if the anyone has examples of interesting or innovative approaches to in app or in game (mobile especially) advertising, promotions etc which help developers monetize their freemium games or aoos?

Casting the net pretty wide - things like: gummicube or Kiip?
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Response by poster: Lets add zigi to the list - I'd be especially intersted in hearing about solutions from Europe or Asia
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Response by poster: aoos apps that is.
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When Anarchy Online went to a free model in the mid '00s, they had billboards of game centric brands for the paid customers. The froobs instead saw advertisements for Fanta (and then other brands).
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Response by poster: nice - thanks nanuk.
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Response by poster: So this didnt go anywhere but I will share my findings when I have them all together for the folks who "favorited"
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