How do I share photos from Dropbox for iPhone?
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A friend has an iPhone. He wants to share a selection of photos using his Dropbox iPhone app with us. How does he do that from the app? (not a browser)

He has instant upload enabled, the photos are on Dropbox's servers, he just wants to share them with us.

On Android it's easy: I switch to photo view, tap the photos I want, and choose "create album", then I get a link to share. On iOS, I can only find a delete option, so what am I doing wrong?
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Best answer: There's no way to share multiple photos from the iPhone Dropbox app. You can only do it photo-by-photo (stupid, yes). If it's only a few photos, you can click on the photo, and then in the bottom left it has the "share" arrow.

A workaround would be use the browser to go to and sign in, and then share the folder from the website. It's still a browser option, but at least it's directly on the phone...

If he wants to keep sharing new photos, could just set the folder up to be automatically shared and then you can always access it.
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Best answer: Try sharing the photos one at a time. Tap on a photo, then tap on the arrow coming out of a box in the lower left hand corner.

I don't believe you can share entire folders using the iOS app yet.
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What about using If This Then That?
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Response by poster: That's a shame, I will use the web interface as a workaround for now, and hope they release an update soon! Thanks a lot for the answers.
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