Any good sites for "vegan" non-food shopping? (Specifically bags)
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I'm trying to find a messenger bag that looks good and is vegan (no leather). Zappos has a vegan filter for shoes but not bags. Are there any sites that are pleasurable to use, have nice-looking stuff, and sell vegan products like messenger bags? Would be great to have for future shopping of all kinds.
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I love Queen Bee products. They use fake leather. Very colorful, cute designs and well made. I have some bags from there that are over 10 years old and still look great.
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R.E.Load makes great non-leather messenger bags. You can even get them custom made. They're handmade in Philly (full disclosure, I'm in Philly too, YO).
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Matt and Nat is the answer. Mooshoes carries many of their products.
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i've been beating the crap out of my Vaya Bag since 2007 and it's still going strong. The one I ordered a few years later as a gift was of an even higher quality than mine. Could not recommend more.
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Allow me to plug Pansy Maiden (and the soon-to-be-born Alva DoRight).

Disclaimer: I know the founder/maker, but I also own several of her bags. They're awesome.
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Timbuk2. you can get them custom made or, at the moment, buy them on Sierra Trading Post. I've seen them at REI, too.
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I thought all messenger bags were vegan, as nylon is light and durable in bad weather. I haven't seen messengers using leather ones.
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I guess I am using "messenger bag" loosely to refer to any single-strap horizontal bags, many of which are leather these days and used by non-messengers. In fact, those more "dressy" versions of the bags are closer to what I'm looking for, as opposed to the legit bike messenger bags. I should've been more clear.
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I love my rickshaw messenger bag. Alchemy Goods looks liek it should be vegan too.

One of the flash sale sites - either Gilt or MyHabit recently had sales that were marked as vegan approved but it's not a regular category.
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Seconding Matt & Nat; I've owned a few of their bags (handbag, purse w/shoulder strap and a messenger-style bag). Straps are wide and comfortable, wear well and are of excellent quality.

They're comfortable but classy looking, mine have been mistaken for leather more than once (not sure if that would bother you or not though).
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Another vote for Re-Load bags. I had one custom made for me 8 years ago and it was awesome. After I hurt my back, I sold it for almost the price I bought it for. They're beloved in the cycling community. They are real messenger bags for cycling.
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Big Buddha at Zappos. Also at Zappos, you do have the option of materials for bags: faux leather, synthetic, polyurethane, cotton. That is how I narrow bags at Zappos so there are no leather ones.
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You should check out Herbavore they have tons of great vegan products - especially clothes, bags and other stuff!
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Seconding Matt & Nat, Herbivore, and maybe Alternative Outfitters?
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I also LOVE Queenbee! I have a Trucker and Truckette that I used extensively in college, and I use my Maximo wallet every day. I subject my belongings to a lot of abuse and they have held up very well. Actually I get complimented on my wallet a lot in checkout lines and such because it's very organized.

Waterfield makes several models without leather. I have a Cozmo and it's a great bag, super sturdy, well-made, great bag.
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I can't believe no one has mentioned Chrome bags yet. Okay, they do have a bit of the "bike messenger" feel, but they are cool as hell, high quality and no leather to be found. The bags are vegan and made in the USA.

Seriously, I love mine. I have the citizen, all black. I take it on the metro downtown and to business meetings and it seems to blend just fine. It fits everything and has just enough compartments. It is a warrior against the ever-present Portland rain. Did I mention I love this bag? You should consider it.
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Alternative Outfitters mentioned above can be good, but sometimes hit or miss with selection. MooShoes has a few messenger bags and other things, like, well, shoes. Vegetarian Shoes has a few bags, but they're in the UK so they're pricey.

Other than that, you're probably just going to have to get good at searching and spending a lot of time looking. I know the feeling.
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Waterfield Deisgns ( is brilliant. They sell bags that are not cheap but have phenomenal build quality and really feel like lifetime bags (I've had mine for 7 years and it's still in almost-new condition). They make everything by hand in San Francisco and they didn't bat an eye at my request to make my bag with a replacement for its little leather trim (and they did that at no extra cost). They have a lot of naturally vegan bags too.
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Lately I've been heart-ing deux lux and melie bianco. Some of melie's might not be vegan (most are) but deux lux is all vegan.

Also seconding matt + nat.
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Also recommending Pansy Maiden, whom I also know (small world!), although I carry a Freitag bag that I absolutely love. Have one of their wallets too.
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