What To Do In Seattle This Weekend?
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Looking for local's tips on some fun stuff to do in Seattle this weekend.

I'm going to visit a friend in Seattle and would love some tips on interesting things going on in the city. What are you favorite things to do around the city? Any cool concerts or art shows that might be hard to find in the paper? What are some fun coffee shops? I'm having a hard time looking things up as everything I read is very touristy.
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Lots of stuff in the previous questions about seattle+travel.
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Wintergrass, a bluegrass festival in the most UNLIKELY place you'll ever see: the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, across Lake Washington (about 20 min. from Seattle). Without even buying tickets (which are kind of pricey) it's fun to just walk around in the hotel and listen to all the pick-up groups in every corner of the lobby. Local musicians love this festival and marvel at how much fun you can have in a hotel lobby.
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Click around here. I really like how it shows you what’s open, too.
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Check out the stranger suggests.
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What are some fun coffee shops?

El Diablo on Queen Anne

Makeda coffee in Greenwood

Wayward coffee in Roosevelt/U-District (distinct from the Wayward Cafe)
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Hey Marseilles are playing for free at Easy Street Records in West Seattle tomorrow night (as well as the Showbox on Friday though that might be sold out); Seattle Sounders open their season against the Montreal Impact Saturday night at Century Link field; there is some interesting stuff going on at the Henry right now; the Allegro in the U-district is one of the oldest coffeehouses in the city and does a proper cappucino; Green Leaf in the ID is pretty yummy. There, I've pretty much described my weekend.
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Smashputt is a total blast, isn't too expensive and starts this weekend. It's a great opportunity to drink booze and check out local musicians and artists doing their crazy artsy mini golf thang. Unfortunately, it's sold out on Friday and Saturday night, but on the off chance you'll be around all weekend long and feel like getting a little silly on Sunday, I highly recommend it.
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If you are up for a bit of an adventure, travel north to the Penn Cove Mussel Festival in Coupeville on Whidbey island.
Why they hold the festival in early march i cannot fathom, but they do. The mussel chowder competition is a nice excuse to tour the town, with its unusual (for here) collection of victorian style homes, but the bowls of spicy, garlicky mussels are the real prize. have several.
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You also may want to check out the Vivian Maier exhibit at Photo Center NW on Capitol Hill if you are at all interested in 20th c. street photography. Hers is a fascinating story (previous Metafilter threads here and here).
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