Do you recognize any of these places
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This video was released as part of an ARG. We're trying to identify the locations in the video (some of it is stock footage but some was probably custom made).

The first one is from 00:45-01:50 and shows someone driving around what looks like a tropical location. From 1:50-04:03 there's a still shot of what looks like the back of a shopping center- this one probably isn't possible to identify. Then from 04:04-4:28 is another driving shot- possibly the same region as the first. 4:28-8:22: what looks like surveillance camera footage of a snowy intersection. The last shot is from 8:22 onwards and overlooks what might be a park.
Any ideas for where these places are would be appreciated.
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Nothing yet but a number of some kind flashes at about 4:23, in yellow.
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Another around 5:22.
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... is the number that flashes when the white car turns left.
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Yes, we know about all of the numbers (there are 6 total). I was more interested in the geography.
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The tropical location from 00:45 - 01:50 looks to me like southern California, maybe around Riverside, CA, but I do not have a positive lock (100%) on it. The mixture of plants looks correct, though. Not as sure of the 04:04 - 04:28 shot.

Not sure if I agree with you about the snow in the infrared surveillance (green) shot, tough. But I guess you've got a lot of eyes on that, so it's absolutely your call.
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The vegetation looks fairly Californian and at first I was ready to guess somewhere along the 395 south of Bishop, but the arrows in the left turn lane don't look like standard CA highway markings to me.
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Looks interesting. Can you say what game you're playing?
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On the first driving scene:
It looks like there is a state highway marker on the left of this frame. As far as I can tell, the only states that currently use highway markers in that shape and color are Hawaii and maybe Utah (which has a beehive symbol). California has some older signs in that shape, but they're not on a black background. FWIW it looks like a two-digit number on the sign.

From what I remember from driving in Hawaii and what I can see on google maps, the road markings themselves are consistent with Hawaii, but probably other states as well. California doesn't usually put a line at the end of a left turn lane without a stop sign.
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...on the right of that frame.
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Looks interesting. Can you say what game you're playing?
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Take a look at
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