Where can I buy compressed air in Hyderabad, India?
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I'm researching air pollution here in India, but one of my instruments has broken, and I need a can of compressed air to fix it. In the US most big computer shops carry this, but here no one has heard of it. Where in Hyderabad can I buy compressed air? Do you have a specific shop with contact info? Can I pull this off today so my collection season isn't ruined? My God, why is this so hard?
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If you're willing to wait for (and pay for) international overnight delivery, you might be able to get it from NewEgg.
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I dont know anything about your specific location, but you could check at a auto/mechanics shop. They might have large canisters of compressed air, and they will probably have an air compressor with a blower attachment. Can you bring your part to their shop? Also anywhere that serves carbonated liquid from a fountain will have a big can of CO2 attached to the dispenser.
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If you're willing to wait for (and pay for) international overnight delivery, you might be able to get it from NewEgg.

OP, YMMV, but I've generally been told that cans of compressed gas cannot be shipped internationally. If you're working with some kind of institutional research affiliation, this may not be a problem for you.
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eBay India has listings for Falcon/Innovera/Dust Out cans, but most of them ship out of Mumbai.
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FYI NewEgg doesn't ship internationally anyhow.
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You could call a computer wholesale distributor in Mumbai called JS Equipments at +91 22 2381 0718 and ask them if they know which computer shops in Hyderabad carry compressed air.
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I'd try hardware/general repair stores and computer repair shops, where they may have some on hand to work with.
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You might try looking at camera shops as well.
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Can you blow thru a coffee stirrer straw? Or is your use cryogenic?


Here's a list of companies that service HP computers.

One brand name seems to be Ambersil.

Someone at Wipro might know where to get some.
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Back in the day before cans, people used tanks of compressed air or small compressors which are normally used with airbrushes. Both should be relatively easy to find.
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Yeah, this sort of thing can be really hard to find in India. We're not big on the whole DIY thing. Your best bet would be ask around until you find a geeky computer person, the kind who builds their own computers or likes messing around with them. I know my dad had some compressed air for example, but I have no idea whether he bought it in India or on some trip to the US. Generally things can be found in India, but it'll probably be found in some tiny shop in a remote alley that only people in the know will be aware of. Don't try googling, just ask lots of people, show them pictures from the internet since they may not be aware of the term compressed air but might recognize the bottle or the brand name. Ask them to point you to geeky computer and circuit shops and call them, or go there on foot. Good luck! It is harder than it ought to be for sure -- I remember trying to find the circuit elements to build a radio while in high school and it was completely impossible -- but I would be very surprised if it wasn't out there somewhere in Hyderabad.
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