Looking for a blog post about gender pronouns & dogs
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I remember reading months ago (could have been as long as 1-2 years ago) a blog post written by (I think) a man talking about the assumptions people make about gendering dogs.

I think people always assumed his female dog was a male. Anyway the whole thing lead to a discussion about gender and equating male with "neutral" or "default." Would love to read it again (in part to fill in all my obvious memory gaps).

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I liked this post from Shakesville titled "True Tales of Gender Essentialism" (good post and cute dog pictures) but I don't think it's what you're looking for. Here's that one

Do you remember anything else about the blog?
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Is it this one?

True Tales of Gender Essentialism at the Dog Park

It sort of matches, except it's written by a woman. (I sort of hope that is the one, because the irony would be delicious.)
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Oh, that was the one posted right above me. Didn't see that until I posted it, and both links were greyed out. Sheesh.

Here's another one along the same lines: Do Dogs Have Gender?. It mention's Mark Doty's book Dog Years, which might be another lead.
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Best answer: This might be it: Dogs and Smurfs by Max Barry
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Response by poster: The one I was remembering was the Max Barry article, but these are all great. Thank you so much!
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