How to best hang this piece of art?
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I have a large (but not terribly heavy) wooden shield that I'd like to hang. Yesterday I used two eye screws, wrapped wire around the handle, and tried to suspend it. Pic of the back of the shield here: Unfortunately there's no stud, it needs to hang in a very specific location, and the eye screws were too short. To be honest it was a little sub-par as a solution anyway. All the grip clamps (like you'd use to hang a broom) at the hardware store are either too big or too small. How would you mount this? With the handle on the back, the piece extends about four inches from the wall. I'm willing to trudge back out into the frozen wasteland and hit up the hardware store again, but not if I don't have to. Thank you!
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Are you averse to putting screw eyes into the handle of the piece? I can't tell from your picture if the handle is attached flush to the back or if you can wrap wire around it - if you can you can make a loop to hang it from. Is the wall drywall or plaster? If either you can pick up anchors at the hardware store which will get around the need for a stud in the right location. Another option if you have sturdy trip at the ceiling would be to put screw-eyes into that and use heavy monofilament dropping to the piece.

Are you wanting the piece to hang perfectly straight? Because you could get fancy and mount a piece of wood on the wall as a cleat to hang from - that's going to be a big more of a production though.
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Response by poster: I should have said that it's kind of an artifact, so nails or screws in it aren't an option. It's all carved from one piece of wood, but I could maybe make a loop with a piece of wire coat hanger and then use that to suspend it....
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Maybe take it with you to the hardware store and ask them for clamping suggestions? I go to hardware stores with crazy art project problems all the time and they love to help me out.
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Response by poster: It's not heavy, but I really hate to take it on the bus.
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How "not heavy" are we talking? I've just started using these 3M removable hangers Not the hooks, they've got a little stud thing and you hang the wire on them like you would a nail.

I've hung a bunch of large-ish frames very successfully. You could try using 2 if you're concerned about the weight (Not clear on the orientation you're hanging your shield, might not be enough room for two.

They're supposed to hold 8lb with one though, which is about a gallon of milk, so you may be surprised, and they're cheap enough and undemanging enough to try without feeling like it absolutely must work.
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What you need is called a "molly".
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I would actually support it from the bottom and the sides, rather than from the back.

I'm picturing something like one or two L-shaped braces at the bottom for actual support, depending on the shape of the bottom of the shield, then one one each side just below the widest part of the shield for balance and stability. Easily built of wood, shelving braces, or a combination of the two.
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You're hoping to hang it vertically, correct?
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What about a curtain rod -- you use the brackets but get a dowel cut to size. That way it could be lifted off as necessary. The dowel could fit through the handle. However, the hardware would need to reach out far enough to easily go through the handle and that may be too fussy.

Otherwise, yes on molly bolt or drywall anchors in general, but it seems to me that the thing needs some stability. Maybe two of these mounted side by side with, again, a dowel cut to size to push through the handle.

Or! I'd get some hefty looking sisal or hemp rope and do a figure 8 loop through the handle with a knot leading off the top edge and then hook it on something sturdy, like this only maybe something a little sexier, like a cleat! Especially if you can find one that jibes with the spirit of the piece -- brushed metal or black or rustic somehow.

Take your photo in on your phone and show the hardware store. I'd look for the hanger to have at least two screwholes and then make sure you use drywall anchors.
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You might be able to use a wall bracket for a guitar, especially if you have some extra cushioning
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