Help with Tumblr - Can I install this plugin?
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I have a tumblr. I wanted to use this plugin on it, but I am a relative newb in terms of HTML/Javascript, etc, so I don't really even know if this is possible. I asked a friend and he told me tumblr might be "too lightweight" to do this. Is there a tumblr veteran who could walk me through how to do this?

Adding insult to injury, it looks like they just changed Tumblr's interface, so I'm having trouble even finding where I can edit this kind of thing. I just feel totally lost, and I'm hoping someone can help me get this up and running on my tumblr!
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Yeah I probably shouldn't be answering this question since I don't use Tumblr, but basically, if they let you point to your jQuery files on a different server in the header of the tumblr, then this is a walk in the park. It will either work or it won't. The only reason they wouldn't let you do this is because it poses some kind of security risk to them. You'll probably need a teeny amount of server space somewhere else to pull this off, as I assume Tumblr doesn't actually host files for you.

Other than that jQuery's really easy to pick up. Point to a couple of files and define a function in the header - per your link - and call on it with simple html in the body. You can mail me if you need specific help getting this installed.
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I'm sad to report that despite being relatively fluent in both tumblr and tweaking this sort of thing, I'm unable to make it work.

For future reference, to do stuff like this, you'd be tweaking the code found by going to settings, then clicking the name of your blog (in the left-hand column), and then clicking customize theme, and then the edit html button. It would only work on your page (, not things like your dash, or the dash of people who follow you. (Custom HTML is limited to your own personal tumblr and post pages.)

Sorry I don't have better news--it's a cool script, and it would've been a nice thing to be able to implement there.
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