How do I stop a christian page in my facebook timeline?
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How do I stop a christian page in my facebook timeline?

I could pick a different 'sponsored page' to give as an example, but this one annoys me because I am not christian [or religious at all]. other flavours of religion, I guess, this is sub-optimal for me. I cannot see a button on my timeline, nor on their page '', which says 'stop'. It has appeared three times now, and others also appear unbidden. Any ideas? Specifically or generally about them or others, would be useful.
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Best answer: If you hover the cursor on the upper-right hand corner of a particular post, a drop-down option appears. You can select "Block this page" or something similar from that drop-down menu.
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Best answer: Here is more information on blocking on FB.

Also, here is FB general Help Center.
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Best answer: If you scroll your mouse over the upper right-hand corner, there should be a little drop-down menu with the option to hide it or to report a problem/spam. Is that not an option? They are paying for advertising, and Facebook is giving them access, but I can generally hide away things like games that really bug me.
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You could also try Facebook purity.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. How they can make that so unobvious, I dont know.
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social fixer is my preferred cure - wish it worked on facebook mobile site (I don't use the FB app)
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Response by poster: Is there any way of getting this spam off my mobile feed too?
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