Cripple Facetime and Skype 'Cuz Vid-Chatting Makes Me Anxious
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I have an extreme aversion to video chatting. I'm not looking to AskMeFi to fix that. I'm just looking for help in: 1. setting my iPhone 4 so I'm not invitable to FaceTime (it's too easy to accidentally hit the "accept/answer" button), optimally while maintaining the ability to invite others (in case of some sort of emergency need), and 2. figuring out how to make audio-only Skype calls (incoming and outgoing) using my iPhone's SKype or Skype-WI-FI app.

Clarification on #2 - I call lots of foreign countries, so I don't want to call via phone-via-Skype (hope that's clear!).
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I don't know about Skype, but it's easy to disable Facetime on an iPhone.
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(If you actually want to use it you can just as easily re-enable it at any moment.)
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Audio-only Skype calls are easy! In the Skype app, just tap the contact and then tap "Voice Call." Even if the recipient clicks "Answer with Video," it just results in you seeing them — they still won't be able to see you.
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Wow. If you guys are right, I'm fixed right there! This may be an AskMeFi record! Thanks!
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I can both call out and receive on Skype via audio only. Even if someone calls with video, I can opt for audio only on my end.
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If you want to feel fully secure about this, a small removable sticker over the you-facing camera might be an easy lo-fi solution.
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