Wellness Recovery Action Plan
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Does anyone have any experience with a mental health program called WRAP, Wellness Recovery Action Plan. It was developed by Mary Ellen Copeland and it looks like groups exist all over the English-speaking world.

My psychiatrist has suggested that I might want to look into joining such a group to help with my depression/agoraphobia. I've looked at the website and it seems interesting enough, not woo-woo at all.

So, have any Mefites taken part in WRAP? What were your experiences? Did it help at all with your recovery from / coping with mental illness? Any caveats I should be looking at? Anything I should especially look forward to?


I can be reached at searchingforwellness.gjp9z@ncf.ca
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Wrap plans are becoming a standard of care for clients in san Francisco Dept of Public Health clinics. The basic idea is that, with supportive others, clients think about their mental health challenges and make clear plans about preventing and recovering from relapses.

A client I heard about wrote a letter to herself and told a friend to read it to her when she's starting to get manic. Other people's wrap plans include instructions for daily living, tips to avoid triggers, etc.

The plans themselves are great, but the process of creating the plan is where I think the magic is. Because if you're doing a plan, it gives you the opportunity to think about your illness in a planful and collaborative way with the people who want to be there to support you.

They take a fair amount of work to put together, but people seem to like doing them, and really like them when they use them.

Memail me if you like, I could probably dig up some of the literature our programs use to describe them better
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