What play is this?
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In high school theater class, two of my class mates performed a dialogue which, if I remember correctly, involved a street hustler telling his roomate "You get a cold ass from sitting in the fuckin' tub!" For the life of me I can't figure out what play/movie this is from. Any suggestions?
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Two things...googling that phrase returns some fascinating results! Holy shit! And, did you attend an uber liberal high school that would allow such a phrase to be muttered?? Seriously though, your high school's location might help pinpoint a playwright - if said dialogue is from a local play.
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Might be the play "Landscape of the Body" by John Guare. Google Books has some excerpts [no idea if this link will work for you] but if it doesn't, just type "cold ass" tub into the Google Books search box.
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OMG! @seabound That's it! I would never have thought of Google Books. Thank you!

@AlliKat It was NYC circa 1992, and as I recall our drama teacher frowned and said "Oh good lord, there's nothing I love more than sexualized 8th graders!"
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