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Puzzler of a problem...Any Rhino experts? And I don't mean the four legged kind...

I am using the evaluation version of Rhino 5 at home and the full version of Rhino 4 at school. Both are PC versions. The problem is, everything that gets tinkered with at home ends up slightly crooked in Rhino 4. My teacher keeps telling me to remember to turn on my grid snaps, and I swear I'm using them.

I'm the last person to blame the computer for something, but it's driving me a little crazy. Since I exhausted all the saves on the evaluation version, I hope this problem will go away. Similarly, I practiced, measured and noted the scale factors I needed to make in Rhino5, but when I opened the file in Rhino 4, the same scale factor produced a different result.

Is there a difference between the two versions that would cause these little things to happen, or have I created a crazy case of PEBKAC?
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Can you save your Rhino 5 files as Rhino 4? I haven't used Rhino in years, but a quick search found this thread, second comment.
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Hi there, yes, I have to save as a Rhino 4 version file as Rhino will not open version 5.

Hmm, being reminded of the "some things may be lost" warning makes me think this is what is happening. Not sure what the something is, but it's causing me to lose marks :) Thanks!
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