Neat stuff to do around Squaw Valley / Lake Tahoe
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Looking for suggestions from Cal. and Nev. locals or travelers: interesting things to see and do around Lake Tahoe, early April. (Previous questions are re lodging and skiing - got that.)

Hey hive, heading to Squaw Valley for four nights in early April - should be some snow, right? Got my lodging & transport laid on and will def. avail of all snowy amenities - but - is there anything really great or unusual in the area that I shouldn't miss? Creepy caves, protea fields, sage and smelly hermits? Best bars & restaurants? Do I take a ride to see Truckee of song and story? Any suggestions welcome from locals - cheers!
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I like Truckee, and there's a cute little store that sells sandwiches. You can eat them on a picnic table they have outside the store. It's reallly pretty in the pines there.

Also, Ponderosa Pines smell really good. Some smell like carmel, some smell like cotton candy. So smell some trees.
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Depending on the weather, you might enjoy a short hike to Vikingsholm, a castle in Emerald Bay.
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The Donner Pass is within driving distance (although, may be too snowy that time of year?), Fanny Bridge is fun to look over, and there's a really good bar/restaurant right on the other side of the street.
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Truckee is fun!

Squaw probably still has ice skating, I always liked that.
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Personally, I would go out of my way to go to Grover Hot Springs (about 2 hours away). You could make it a day trip... Vikingsholm, Markleeville, then spend some time in South Lake Tahoe on the way back.
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Tahoe local here. So far it's been a pretty dry winter with not a lot of precipitation, but in past years, the hike to Vikingsholm would not be at all doable in April. Best website for Tahoe weather is this.

If you've got half a day, head down to Genoa, which boasts Nevada's oldest thirst parlor. I mean, it's got Raquel Welch's bra hanging off deer antlers, for God's sake, and it's the quintessential dive bar. Another similar dive bar must is closer to Virginia City (famous for its Wild West look and paranormal activities at the cemetery and old-timey hotels) and it's a bar tucked into this hotel. Best on a cold snowy night to meet up with the memorable locals.

Closer to Squaw though, I'd try a dogsledding or snowmobiling tour in the mountains. If you're there during a full moon, there are always midnight snowshoe hikes available in the mountains. You can hit South Shore and try your luck at the casinos.

MeMail me your culinary preferences and I'll throw some options out there. For fancy, a sunset drink and dinner at the Lone Eagle Grill at the Hyatt in Incline Village is a must. If you are a fan of thin, crispy pizza, try here.

It's just going to be tough to gauge on what's doable because everything depends on whether we will be in the middle of a blizzard (there've been years when my 18-lb mutt has been easily able to walk over my 6-ft. backyard fence because it's snowed so much), or so dry like now that there are bare patches of ground everywhere.
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