Multiple-self games?
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I'm trying to place the names of a number of games where you have multiple characters that you control in sequence. One was a cursor puzzle type game, the other was a side-scrolling actioner.

Both games let you play through until dying or reaching a certain point, after which you would play again alongside the "ghost" of your previous guy or cursor, up to like 50 times or something. I love this mechanic, also, are there any other games like this people can recommend?
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Chronotron, and The Company of Myself both use that mechanic.
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Noticed too late. The Company of Myself. Also, Adam.
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Braid uses this mechanic in world 5.
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Thanks, I'll check these out - the one I'm thinking of was definitely very action oriented though, like you had a heavy gunner, a shield guy, a sniper, sort of a Guardian Heroes vibe.
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The Lost Vikings is the one I can think of, somewhere between a puzzle game and an action game.
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The cursor game I figured out - it's Cursor*10, you can play it at Nekogames. Still looking for the other, though. It's fairly new - I played it at an indie games showcase at E3.
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You might be thinking of Trine. You control a wizard, a fighter, and a rogue and have to use each of their special abilities to get past obsticles.
posted by It's Never Lurgi at 7:55 PM on February 21, 2013 is a good one with multiple clones. is a flash game where you guide different family members to the goal. The interaction between husband and wife is classic.
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I think you mean Super Time Force? It's not out yet, but would have been at E3.
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Ahh!!! Super Time Force is it!!

I'm going to play all these though. I love this type of game.
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