What does "Gaddyne" mean?
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A couple weeks ago I wrote down "gaddyne" on the page in my notebook where I write down artists and musicians and albums and the like. I now trying to find out what the hell I meant. I can find nothing on Google as to what this would be. I have fairly good handwriting and this was written in all caps. as I often do (I do not think it is initials/anagram for something). Probably dub or electronic music related. Please, tell me what I was trying to tell myself.
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Try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqJjKsMDvdg Romanian dance stuff...more at his website.
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Some version of Gardyne?
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This is actually becoming a very interesting playlist.
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Not Gotye
Probably not Gadarene, but that's interesting
I don't think it's Gadyno (didn't sound like something that would have sparked me to write down a note to further check out)

Maybe it is Gardyne Chamber Ensemble? I could have heard it on "Thistle and Shamrock" - although I don't see it on their archived playlist - that's got to be it though. Frustrated bc that's the only place (program) I can think of where I would have heard something like Gardyne...

If anyone has any more suggestions, keep em coming.
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It also could be "Gadarene" -

"Gadarenal English tunes, virtuoso acoustic musicians and funky beats with loads of energyne blends obscure traditio."

I may have noted that, but I still am not sure where I encountered it...
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