Should I call the person that interviewed me?
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I had an interview today for a sales job and agreed to do a 5 hour training course today. I decided against it not long after. I left a message with the main company should I call the actual interviewer person?

Ok so I had an interview today for a sales job that was straight commission today. Well basically the guy told me that I had the job if i wanted it without really asking me any questions. He told me I would do 5 hours of training and make a crap load of money. Well I'm pretty sure he's hiring anyone who's showing up and it sounded way too good to be true and honestly I was only taking the interview for practice. Well he asked me if i wanted to sit through the training and see how it goes and I said sure. Well anyway I don't really want to do it so I called the number that goes to the main branch and they forward all calls to the right people. Well I told them that I didn't think it was for me and they asked for my name and time I was scheduled for training and said they would forward on the message. Should I call again tomorrow morning before the training would start and tell the guy personally or am I good?
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You're fine. He's not going to call everyone else in town and tell them you're not trustworthy. I wouldn't be surprised if they have a fairly high rate of dropouts as people realize what you realized.
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Do you care about having an ongoing relationship with the guy or the company? If not, you're good. If you do, call again tomorrow.
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Yeah I don't really care about having a relationship with the guy.
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Blow it off and don't worry.
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I say call again in the morning and speak to him directly, making a nice excuse and thanking him. It takes 2 minutes and makes a good impression, basically for free. Nobody stays in a crappy job forever, including that guy- who knows when your paths might cross again?
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Yes, do call as pseudostrabismus suggests. It's just 2 minutes of your life and a minor inconvenience that has a slight chance of paying off big later. The cost-benefit is too good to ignore. You never know what happens in life or career.
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