What can I serve at a pre-event reception
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I am producing a TEDx event this Saturday and am having a pre-event reception before hand. I am looking for simple, easy to prepare, fun and inexpensive food to serve with wine. Something different than cheese, bread and carrot/celery sticks
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I've always enjoyed the small pillow shaped indian samosas.
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Have you already bought the wine? Because craft beer and cheese can be _marvelous_.
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The best (and easiest) fruit dip ever:

1 container sour cream
1 container Cool Whip
1 envelope instant vanilla pudding

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Marinated Olives, summer sausage, little meatballs with bbq sauce
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I think a lot depends on how many people you want to serve and what your kitchen facilities will be. Few will admit it, but everybody loves pigs-in-blankets and mini quiches. If you've got reheating options, I'd check Trader Joe's.
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Seconding craft beer.

Can you heat the food? If you do Costco,they have big quantities of mini quiches and other passed-hors'doeuvre-type offerings.

If not, here are some ideas: mixed nuts/dried fruits and dark chocolate, artisanal bread and pate/spreads, excellent sliced salamis and prosciutto, strawberries served alongside a bowl of sour cream and one of brown sugar (dip in sour cream then sugar = crazy delicious), shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon filets with brown bread and cream cheese(you can buy this in the deli part of the grocery), smoked salmon slices with crispbread-type crackers, "gourmet" popcorn or popcorn "bar" with good toppings...
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Oh yeah Sam's Club and Costco have great catering-type options. For work events we used to get these delicious brownies from Sam's and cut them up into bite-size pieces, and they looked and tasted super gourmet.

I don't know if they're easy to make or not, but I had dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) as appetizers at a party recently and they were a hit. These ones were vegan (I think traditionally they're made with lamb?) but nobody missed the meat.
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Sushi (big trays at Costco)
Pot stickers/dumplings with soy sauce (buy the frozen bags at the grocery store)
Chocolate dipped strawberries (surprisingly easy to make)
Spinach and artichoke dip
Chicken wings
Fancy popcorn with truffle oil and sea salt
Fancy meatballs (frozen + sauce)
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Spinach dip. Get a round loaf of bread, cut out the center to make a bread bowl and throw the dip in the middle. Cut up the removed bread into bite-sized pieces and arrange around the bowl. Cut up a few more baguettes similarly. Everyone loves spinach dip. (I buy mine at the deli pre-made.)
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This list was recommended to me for a party and it saved the day.
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