Drawing showing bonus FAR on a real building.
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In New York, and many other cities, developers can build bigger buildings than would otherwise be allowed, as long as they provide amenities such as parks, schools, affordable housing, etc. I want to show students how this works by providing a photo or drawing of a real building, annotated to show how much of the height is due to these bonuses. For example, a drawing of a 50 story building, where the first 30 floors are unannotated, but then 30-35 are labeled "plaza," 35-40 "affordable housing units," 40-45 "subway entrance" and so on. I want it to be from a real building, and clear enough to show via a projector. I'm surprised this doesn't already exist, but I've done plenty of searching and can't find it.
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But all those FAR additions would only be achieved by appealing to the zoning commission for a variance. There's no key that says: Xsf of park gets you Xsf of additional rent-able space. Right?
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Response by poster: Sure, in some cases (there are defined bonuses for affordable housing). But I just want an example - a real-life building that went through the variance process and was built.
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A quick Bing Search turns up some examples. You can get more by trying other search terms.

Here's one that consists of 120 units. Without the variance there would have been no housing built there at all.
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You could try contacting The Skyscraper Museum; I know they had materials available for teachers a couple years back.
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Pretty much any building that has a Privately Owned Public Space, starting with the Seagram Building in NYC, etc. Here's an example of NYC's Inclusionary Zoning bonus where they basically give an FAR bonus if the building includes a certain amount of affordable housing. The PDF has a little diagram that illustrates the FAR bonus. A Google Images Search for "FAR bonus" will give you similar diagrams.
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I'd take a photo of one such building and then just use Photoshop to overlay semi-transparent bars to indicate the portions of the building accounted for by each of the variances you describe.

Oh, and I'd use One Worldwide Plaza as an example; the building features bonus floors from outdoor public space, a subway entrance, and an underground theater complex.
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Response by poster: I found what I was looking for, but it's very messy. I wish I could credit it, but I don't know anything about who made it. I think it's the Washington Mutual tower in Seattle.
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