Slow, original, mellow/sad songs featuring ukulele?
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I was listening to Local Natives - 11:11 and was hooked on the opening chords played on the ukulele, so now I'm looking for other original, slow, mellow/sad tunes with the ukulele.

Any genre as long as it's original, so no covers please. Vocals optional. Pop/Rock preferred.
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Ukelele Weeps!
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Cover of Tonight You Belong to Me by Eddie Vedder and Cat Power.
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O sorry querty, I screwed up there. Cover of course. I'll take a slap in the face for that.
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Beirut is an excellent band for such songs; the lead singer plays uke as a hand injury prevents him from playing guitar: Try "Rhineland (Heartland)."
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Response by poster: no covers please
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Singer/songwriter Michelle Blades writes original songs and plays ukulele. Most are quite sad and they tend towards mellow and slow as well.

You can sample all three albums released on River Jones Music, try "Lady Bug" from Where The Water Boils. There's more on her bandcamp page (try "Yellow Petaled Coast").
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To answer your aside, I am not entirely sure the opening chords are from an ukulele, but I don't really have an ear to discern that with confidence.

Israel Kamakawiwoʻole is usually the first person I think of for the ukulele, and he had several songs that may fit your criteria. His album Facing Future had songs like Lā ʻElima and Kaulana Kawaihae. This version of Ōpae E is mellower than what I recall, but I don't know which album that's from.
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Here's a few, bunch of different genres:

Wisdom Tooth "I Found It"

Cliff Edwards "Night Owl" (click on the link under the picture to open)

Yan Yalego "Mon Amant de Saint Jean"

TinyFolk "Illinois, Illinois"

Cyril Lefebvre Live

Wisdom Tooth "Everything's Green"

Ps: Addicted to Uke
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Jacob Borshard maybe?
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at the risk of being self-promoting, I once wrote a song that matches your description.
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Kid Koala's Vacation Island
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