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My husband and i love the works of derek hess, steven kasner, etc. Can you name any other artists that work in the same vein/style/feel? I am also searching for someone who can make me a really beautiful pendant of a cicada. *fingers crossed* Thank you!
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Have you checked out Juxtapoz magazine? It seems like they would probably feature an artist or two per issue you'd find interesting. Glancing at the work of Kasner and Hess, I think of guys like Chris Mars, Wayne Barlowe and Dave McKean. Also Clive Barker's drawings, which are pretty interesting even if most of his writing leaves you cold.
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Do you have a price point for the cicada, or a particular style? Steven Schall (Xidni Designs) does really beautiful insects but his line is more Art Nouveau and/or enameled. He does do custom work.
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