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I have a lava rock fireplace. Let's make it erupt!

So the fireplace is here: It's your basic lava rock fireplace. There's electricity in the back.

I know folks who are into LEDs, Arduino, and Maker-type frivolity. The effect I want is lava pulsing between the crevices, as if it were about to blow. Think it can be done? Please tell me more.
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Perhaps I'm missing something, but that picture looks more like a bar than a fireplace. Is it the wrong link? Or which part is the fireplace?
posted by primethyme at 10:37 PM on February 18, 2013

Sorry, it's a bar, I was in a google frenzy for lava rock and got "fireplace" on the brain.I still want it to look like a volcano ready to blow :-)
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I think some led spotlights/tracklights and a smoke machine would be the way to go.
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You can probably put a nice sized subwoofer underneath it to get some rumble, too.
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I don't know how small of a smoke machine you can get. Dry ice might be more useful.
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Maybe experiment with some cheap red EL wire?
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If dampness isn't an issue where you live, you could consider an ultrasonic fogger rather than a smoke machine? It'll raise the humidity in the room though, obviously.

I'm envisaging wiring up a (programmable?) LED or EL-wire array between the rocks and covering that with a translucent resin/silicone/[something] (possibly coloured itself, rather than using coloured lights) to diffuse the light. Since lava has brighter hot-spots anyway, the point light-sources of LEDs could potentially work quite well.

This is not really my field, though - I'm not sure my ideas are practical. What do your Maker friends say?
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Thanks for the light suggestions! Smoke and rumble didn't even occur to me ... I'm asking Makers. I just love the look of lava peeking through rocks... when it's together I'll post pics. Keep the suggestions coming!
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