Help Me Find My Perfect Boots!
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I'm looking for replacements for my starting to wear out knee-high boots, and having no luck. I would love to find something like these or these.

My requirements are a bit specific, but I didn't think they were that bad until I started looking.

1) Must come in black or brown (ideally both).
2) Short heel - 2" maximum, and ideally shorter.
3) Shaft must be at least 15" tall - there are some cute ones with a 12" shaft, but that's too short on my long legs.
4) Shaft must have a circumference of at least 14.5".
5) I really don't want to pay more than $250.
6) The buttons! I need the buttons.

I have looked at Frye, Fluevog, and a number of other sources, and had no luck.

So .. help? Please?
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I love buttons on my boots too. I don't have any specific boots to point you to, but I did want to say that Arturo Chiang (Dillards's) makes a fair amount of styles that use buttons. Like this (Amazon link) or this (Piperlime link)
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I have these from Joyfolie, and I loooooves them. On sale too!
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Miz Mooz Paz? The brand actually has quite a few button boots.
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Ooh! Those are awesome boots! What part is wearing out? Can a cobbler fix the worn bits for you?
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These may be a bit short, but they're not meant to go all the way to the knee, so they might look okay anyway; I'm tall and they worked for me for a few years. Forgive me if they're on the list of too-short boots you've already considered.
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Also, even if these aren't the right size, you might spend some time looking around on eBay, since yours aren't completely worn out yet.
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What size do you need? There are these ALDO Aversa, but only in sizes 6-7.5. Almost exactly fit your requirements:

- Heel Height: 2 in.
- Shaft Height: 14.5 in.
- Circumference: 14.25 in.
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I have the exact boots in your second link, if it's those you're looking for and not those that you already have. The brand is Bertie (got mine in Selfridges in London last year) and there are some going on
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