Tirana, Albania - what to do with a few extra days there?
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I'm going to be in Tirana for work and will be sticking around for and extra 3 or 4 days before flying home. What can I do with this time?

I don't need to stay in the city. I'm perfectly happy heading elsewhere in Albania or going to Montenegro or Macedonia or something. I'll be alone and I'm really up for anything interesting. Give me any and all recommendations!
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What time of year? The beaches in southern Albania are beautiful.
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I agree, the beaches in the south are fantastic, although when I was there (2009) they were being developed quickly. However, the transportation options in Albania are pretty limited. Minibuses (furgons) are cheap and convenient, but not exactly frequent or reliable. Leave a lot of extra time to travel back to Tirana in order to make your flight.

What's your budget? How much luggage will you have? Are you comfortable in "backpacker" conditions?
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I really recommend that you pop over the border and visit Ohrid. Sveti Naum (about 40 minutes from Ohrid) is well worth a visit too. Such a stunning part of Macedonia - you can do this by furgon, or if you want to spend a bit more money you can hire a car and driver (which I what I did). Not doable in a day - but it's an easy overnight trip. Message me if you want further accommodation/travel recommendations.

Also, Kruje is an easy half day trip from Tirana - I did this by furgon and enjoyed it!
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I really liked Tirane itself, although I have a love for developing countries and crumbling remnants of Socialism. The national museum was decent, and the art museum has a great collection of Socialist Realism works.

The overnight trip I took to Berat was pretty cool; a good look at the countryside and the historic town is worth visiting. FYI, I intended it as a day trip that turned into an overnight because I didn't check when the last bus was.
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Sorry, I should have fleshed it out a bit more. I'll be going in late March, my budget is pretty wide open, although I'd prefer not to pay for 5-star hotels if I can avoid it. Hoping to airbnb it as much as possible. Won't be backpacking, just one suitcase on rollers.

These are awesome suggestions. I'm going to start googling immediately.
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