Voice lessons in northeast Ohio?
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How can I find a vocal teacher in my area?

I've tried to find a voice teacher via Craigslist and another kind of sketchy website that got some awful reviews. I've posted on Craigslist and replied to ads regarding voice lessons with no success.

Side question: Assuming a good ear, good pitch, and good tone, how much can one's singing voice be improved?
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I just Google searched for 'voice lessons _____,' filling in the blank with the name of my own city. Then you just try them out until you find one that suits your temperament and your aims. It seems like teachers with established practices don't do Craigslist as much, at least in my neck. I found richer variety just Googling.

Side answer: Infinitely, varying directly with the amount of work you put into it. Having a good teacher is important, but how good you get depends on you practicing. I started three or four months ago (with good ear and good pitch and passable tone), and I have improved a lot just by becoming more aware of my vocal production and enhancement organs. It is occasionally mortifying to sing silly phrases for exercises and use bodily movement to trick yourself into more correct technique, but no one has to see you do it but you and your teacher.
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Call a local college, music store or high school... They usually have info on people offering lessons. And yes, learning proper technique will ALWAYS improve your voice....in some way. Good for you!!
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Do you want to say where you are in case someone has a suggestion? (If you're in L.A., I do.)
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If you're near Oberlin, I bet you could find a starving voice major pretty easily.
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Yes, I am from Oberlin. I thought about asking a college student, but was looking for someone who is more experienced. However, it still might be a good thought.
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The Oberlin Conservatory offers music lessons from professors and senior students to the community for like 10 dollars a week, but you have to move quick. It's still the beginning of the semester, which is when these things start up. Go into the Conservatory office and ask who to talk to about voice lessons.
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Oh, and on the side question, plenty. That's why so many professional musicians/rock stars still have voice lessons and voice coaches. You'll learn how to expand your range and be able to control the color and timbre of your voice more, as well as improve your stamina, so you don't blow out your throat from a really intense performance, and can give an equally intense performance the next day.
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Go online and look for members of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing). Their main site has a searchable database you can filter by area.
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