More movies that are like Living in Oblivion
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I loved the movie Living in Oblivion. What should I watch next?

Living in Oblivion was fantastic. What other good movies chronicle the drama and misadventures of film making? I'd prefer fictional films, but I also enjoyed the documentary Overnight (about how The Boondock Saints production was a cluster) if you have any documentary suggestions.

I did see this previous MeFi post which listed these films:
Lost in La Mancha (not seen yet)
Bowfinger (I enjoyed this too, but I'm looking for something more off the beaten path)
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Well, the ur-text is 8 1/2, isn't it?
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Altman's The Player is great.
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On the documentary tip, you might consider My Best Fiend. Klaus Kinski was quite a character, and Werner Herzog is quite a character. Aguirre, Fitzcarraldo, and the making of a couple other films is addressed.
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Oh, and the short documentary Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe may also be of interest.
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State and Main.
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Oh and Burden of Dreams and Hearts of Darkness, obvs
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There's also Film Film Film, an amazing Soviet animated short. It was previously discussed on the blue, here's one of the links: Film lovers are sick people
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Swimming with Sharks.
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The Stunt Man
Day for Night
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Everything for Sale
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Seconding Truffaut's Day For Night.
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Final Cut: The Making and Unmaking of Heaven's Gate is a really fascinating documentary.
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Oh, there's also Contempt.
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Thanks everyone. These are exactly what I'm looking for! All of these will be new to me except Adaptation and Be Kind Rewind.
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