Youtube userscript or add-on recommendations?
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I love YousableTubeFix for Firefox, which sets global preferences for things like preferred resolution (the most important feature to me), default player size, and whether to autoplay videos on channel pages. The problem: it's still blocking ads even though I told it not to. Could you recommend any other Youtube-preference-modifying Firefox userscripts or add-ons that have a similar purpose but without accidentally blocking the ads?

I follow a lot of people who make their living from Youtube, and who don't get paid from adblocked views. That's why it's so important to me that no ads be blocked, including pre-rolls (video ads that show up before the video), Adsense annotations, on-page ads (often found in the sidebar), etc. (This paragraph is just in case someone though I had typoed: no, I really do want the ads).

YousableTube Fix is definitely blocking at least the Adsense Annotations, but it may be letting pre-rolls show. Either way, it's still blocking one ad too many for my taste.

I previously used a userscript to set the default resolution to 720p or highest available, but it was badly-coded and caused all embedded Youtube videos to stop working, so I'd like a recommendation for a new one.
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Best answer: I have spent a lot of time trying almost every available Greasemonkey script for YouTube. YousableTubeFix is definitely the best one I've been able to find, especially since it's extremely well commented and quickly updated when the site changes.

In my opinion, you would be better off modifying the script to remove the parts you don't want, rather than trying to find something better. For example, if you're looking at the current version (as of 2012-12-15) you could remove the sections starting on line 692 (which will restore ad_module, ad3_module, and ad_preroll) as well as sections starting at lines 2306 and 2444 (which should restore several sidebar-ish ads; these are supposed to be user-configurable but maybe the script is being overzealous). Annotations are also supposed to be user-configurable but they're scattered throughout the script so you'll have to search by hand for those.

You could also try asking on the script's forum. I would recommend being as specific as possible as to what you want control over, noting DIV names or whatever.
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Response by poster: Thank you, bcwinters, that is amazingly comprehensive! I'll give it a look at the code later, and maybe post on the forum.
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Response by poster: Success! Some jiggering with the code later, thanks to your amazing help, and pre-rolls are playing again, thank you!
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Response by poster: Well, as an update: I used a modified (thanks to bcwinters) YTF for a long time, but today I switched over to Youtube Center, which does everything that YTF does, but with more flexibility. I love it.
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