Where to go in Bermuda?
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Where should my wife and I go on our third visit to Bermuda?

We went there once on a cruise for our honeymoon, in 1999. We flew there and stayed for a few days in November of 2000. We're going back again on a cruise in a month or so, and I'm not sure what there is to do there that we haven't already done.

We've been:
  • all over Hamilton
  • to the Royal Navy Dockyard
  • to the Aquarium Museum and Zoo
  • to the Crystal Caves
  • all over St. Georges, including the Unfinished Church and St. Peter's Church
  • to the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and its Tea Room
I'm not the sort of person who likes to sit on the beach all day, and we'll have two days in Bermuda. Where should we go? What should we see?

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What activities, in general, do you enjoy? My own ideas: rent a bike or scooter and explore that way - with a picnic, swim suits, a deck of cards and camera. Go scuba diving or snorkeling. Take a watercolor class on the beach. Get massages on the beach. Follow the coastal trail. Go to a gorgeous afternoon high tea.
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Spittal Pond Nature Reserve in Smiths Parish. Absolutely wonderful area. You can spend and amazing few hours there exploring.

I assume you've wandered Flatts if you've been to the Aquarium.

Hog Bay Park in Sandys Parish.

Somerset has a completely different feel than the rest of the country. And is very much worth the trip.

The Railway trail is stunning. I walked it in Somerset.

Unfortunately the Dark 'n Stormy Trail doesn't seem to be running any more but the google cache still has the info.
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Do you like snorkeling or scuba diving? There are lots of shipwrecks around the island that are really cool to visit. Many of them are shallow enough to see while just snorkeling as opposed to scuba, which if you haven't done it before, would require training as well as more eqiupment.
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Response by poster: I should've mentioned: I can't swim. So snorkeling and scuba diving are unfortunately out. We did go helmet diving on our first trip there, and might do that again.
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