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Christian forums?

I'm looking for a reasonable Christian forum for a relative to hang out in. She's just discovered the world of foruming, and is looking for a decent one to join. The problem is that most of the ones she's seen so far are phpBB hell, filled with US fundamentalists (She's a British liberal type :). Any Christians have any recommendations?
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A general-purpose Christian forum can be found at BeliefNet.

I belong to Times and Seasons... but that one is pretty mormon-centric.

You may also want to check-out ChristianityToday. There are some others, but for the life of me, I can't recall their names.
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Ship of Fools might float her ark.
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The first two posts covered both of my suggestions. I've made about 12,000 (maybe 14,000) posts to BeliefNet. Ship of Fools might be better for a neophyte, though: Less controversy, more harmony.
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I can't speak from personal experience but my mother was a moderator on Christian Forums for a couple of years (until she just didn't have time for it anymore) and liked it a great deal. There is a lot of eye clutter there, but it is divided into various subsections of belief so that you can hang with the people who are most like you, doctrinally, debate with those who believe differently, or ignore doctrinal matters altogether to discuss stuff like music, movies, etc.
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I'd second Ship of Fools, which is mostly British liberals. There's some very intelligent discussion there.

I hang out occasionally at ChristianForums, but liberals get flamed to a crisp (which is why it's occasional).
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone!
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If she's a British liberal, she might want to visit Thinking Anglicans. It provides an excellent round-up of religious news, and the discussion is generally thoughtful and articulate, though unfortunately it does tend to be dominated by the 'gay issue' to the neglect of other topics.

Maggi Dawn's blog ('an anglican priest muses on theology, life and faith in the UK') can also be a good place for friendly, non-adversarial conversation.
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I'd second Ship of Fools, which is mostly British liberals.

I'm not sure I would characterize SOF has mostly British. It is British based but has a lot of posters from all over the world including lots from the U.S.
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