PSP or PS Vita Ad Hoc Co-op/Multiplayer Games
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My 10-year-old son recently purchased a second PSP for me. He has my old one, so we now have two PSPs. We have been playing the Call Of Duty: Roads To Victory multiplayer over Ad Hoc, looking for other games to play Ad Hoc.

I may also be willing to purchase a second PS Vita, but I'm not seeing a lot of co-op/multiplayer games out there (other than the Vita COD, which has been widely panned). Any suggestions for ANY Ad Hoc multiplayer games are welcomed.
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And yes, I know that both COD games for PSP/PS Vita pretty much suck. But we have fun killing each other in multiplayer maps.
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Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions does ad hoc multiplayer, both Vs. and Co-op.
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Wikipedia has a list of PSP software with a column for Ad-Hoc play. It isn't complete, but it looks like a good place to start. The same page for the PS Vita does not have any multiplayer information, however.

I would also check out Co-optimus. They have lists of multiplayer games broken down by system (and possibly other distinctions as well). It's a great site to check out when you're looking to play with a friend.
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