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Sometimes someone important comes into your life (a (potential) close friend / significant other or a long lost relative). How to really get to know them? And if you only have limited time?

Can you recommend things to do together or experience together that allow to truly learn about the other person?
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Not very practical, but get into a life-threatening crisis with them.
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Could we get a bit more detail here?

* Why do you have only a limited amount of time? Are they moving out of town? Dying? Have they declared that they won't want to talk to you any more after that time?

* What kind of importance could this person hold? Getting to know a friend is different from getting to know a relative is different from getting to know a significant other; because what you need from each of those relationships is different.

* How are you certain they are going to be this important? Or is that what you're trying to establish?
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Go on a road trip through a place with a harsh environment, in a car you expect will probably break down.
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Travel, learning something new together, shared experiences, overcoming obstacles or surviving ordeals are all tried and true paths to forging a deep connection with someone.

There is a reason why college dorm room friends, reality show contestants, boot camp participants and backpackers often make fast, deep, long lasting friendships.
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Get into stressful situations and see how they react and how they treat you.

Talk to their exes about their weaknesses and strengths. (Must be taken with a grain of salt, but is useful)
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What, no suggestion of alcohol yet?

Clearly maximally efficient bonding requires you artificially reduce your collective getting-to-know-you inhibitions with your preferred drink/drug of choice once you get your road trip destination.
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Observe how they treat waitstaff and how much they tip.
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Drink and eat and plan the drinking and eating. Travel together to the place with the food and drink. Work on a project with a tight deadline while drinking and eating. Find a common enemy-- an idea that you're aligned against-- that you can do something about. Find their social networking profile and browse through past pictures. Get your picture taken with them.
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Get drunk and go wait for an infrequent bus.
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As the old saying goes: intimacy is shared vulnerability, so open up yourself and see what they say in response.
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Response by poster: Thank you for your suggestions guys!
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